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From solo musician to the full band, choose the Jazz orchestra that best suits your needs.

We adapt to your desires and your budget, choose your own formula!

This à la carte formula allows you to compose the orchestra you want to hear yourself, by choosing the instruments and the singer who will be part of it.

We have created a new Gypsy jazz formula ,in duo or trio, for some Jazz 100% made in France.

Solo Formula
Trio formula
The Quintet
  • Classic: Drums, Double Bass, Piano/Guitar, Saxophone/Clarinet and Voice

  • A la carte quintet

  • ask for a quote

Gypsy jazz
  • Two guitars, clarinet

  • Double bass, guitar and clarinet

  • Accordion, Guitar and Clarinet

  • see video

Duo Formula
The Quartet
  • Classic: Drums, Double Bass, Piano/Guitar and Voice/Saxophone.

  • A la carte quartet

  • ask for a quote

The Sextet
  • Classic: Drums, Double Bass, Piano/Guitar, Saxophone, Trumpet and Voice

  • A la carte sextet

  • ask for a quote

  • Drums, Bass, Guitar, Saxophone

  • Double bass, Guitar and Accordion

  • see video

Instrumental Jazz
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