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Jazz and pop music for your wedding
Ceremony - Cocktail hour - Diner - Pre DJ music

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Swing It Orchestra will accompany you through all the highlights of your wedding:

Ceremony : request your choice of songs, or we are happy to help you make a selection. Usually one song when the newlyweds arrive, a song or two in the middle, then a song for the recessional (end of ceremony). Intimate instrumentation in guitar/voice or piano/voice duo. We can help you choose the pieces to enhance your ceremony.

Cocktail hour: we'll bring a modern jazzy/pop atmosphere to your cocktail. An elegant and joyful touch to delight your guests. Our wide repertoire will range from 50s jazz to the latest hit of the moment revisited with a vintage flair;. We are very attentive to the space and

adapt the volume accordingly, always being careful to stay at the right level. Our professional musicians pay particular attention to it. 

Dinner : more rare but also a great option, we'll play background music (easy listening jazz and current pop) to accompany your dinner softly, so that the guests can chat calmly.

Pre DJ dance set:  usually about 1 hour for a very danceable set based on current pop revisited with our fiery soloists au saxophone and a solid rhythmic bass and drums to get you started on the dancefloor before the DJ takes over.

We are at your disposal to help you develop the formula that meets your needs and your budget.

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